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Papers The Document Database was grown out of the need to organize research papers and their BibTex entries. The lab I'm working in used to have a master BibTex file that over the years grew to contain more than 600 entries and is now about 200 kByte in size. We had problems with multiple people, more or less BibTeX savvy, editing this file, duplicate entries, keeping track of the version of the file and so on. The Document Database was started to overcome these issues.

The Document Database is entirely written in PHP. It runs on Apache 1.3.x and 2.x webservers with integrated PHP 4.x, 5.x and uses Postgres 7.3.x, 7.4.x, or 8.0.x or MySQL 4.1.x, 5.0 as database backend. The user authentication is handled using Apache's Basic Authentication. For users of Redhat, SuSE or Ubuntu Linux it should work right out of the box. The Document Database is written modularly. All functions for modifying the authentication files are contained in one file. All functions for database access are contained in another file. It should therefore be easy to make the Document Database work on other web servers and with other databases.

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Here are the main features of the Document Database


The Document Database can be used to share documents in digital form amongst a controlled group of people. The admins can also decide which documents can be shown publicly, i.e. also to people who are not users of the database. Please make sure that you observe the copyright laws, only upload such documents where this type of sharing is allowed, and only make documents publicly accessible for which you hold the copyright of have explicit permission by the copyright holder to do so. The developers of the Document Database are not responsible or liable for how the Document Database is being used by the enduser. This responsibility lies with the administrators of each installation.


Document Database Version 1.4 released.

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Version 1.4